Tenders Closing Soon

These opportunities are closing very soon. This is your last chance to bid.

Tender # Brief Desciption Location Closing  
983236Sale of various unclaimed, unregistered impounded motor vehiclesWATodayClosing Soon
981127Accommodation solution project (various works)NZTodayClosing Soon
979776Security fencing & associated worksO/STodayClosing Soon
980686Passenger air servicesTASTodayClosing Soon
980526Residential generatorsO/STodayClosing Soon
980009Fuel supply chain technical expertise (panel)ALLTodayClosing Soon
984361Sale of business - polystyrene & urethane manufacturingALLTodayClosing Soon
982829Preparation of business continuity planNSWTodayClosing Soon
982827Preparation of enterprise risk management frameworkNSWTodayClosing Soon
982130Lease of propertiesVICTodayClosing Soon
981947Firearms safety training servicesNZTodayClosing Soon
981567Sale of decommissioned roller (for scrap only)SATodayClosing Soon
981566Sale of tip truckSATodayClosing Soon
980504Basket rescue stretchersNZTodayClosing Soon
980495Reinstatement of fire damaged dwellingNZTodayClosing Soon
979422X-ray rooms & resus trauma solutionNZTodayClosing Soon
979318Panel of professional consultants (various disciplines)NZTodayClosing Soon
975797Swimming pool leaseQLDTodayClosing Soon
980569Sale of used light vehicles (incl trade-in)QLDTodayClosing Soon
981185Field training area heritage management works (incl signs)QLDTodayClosing Soon
980688Air servicesALLTodayClosing Soon
979174Air conditioning unitsQLDTodayClosing Soon
979194Window cleaning servicesWATodayClosing Soon
977328Construction of villa unitNSWTodayClosing Soon
984189Issue of treasury bondsALLTodayClosing Soon
984459Pools refurbishment (various works)NZTodayClosing Soon
983638Desktop PCsO/STodayClosing Soon
982953Winning and crushing of gravelNSWTodayClosing Soon
981817Indoor sports centre - waterproofingNSWTodayClosing Soon
980905Digital data servicesNSWTodayClosing Soon
980962Library general building works & joinery worksO/STodayClosing Soon
982697Location search for trial sites for cycling infrastructure testingQLDTodayClosing Soon
980014Branded communication - videos & podcasts (learning)ALLTodayClosing Soon
977657Service delivery transformation strategyALLTodayClosing Soon
985045Recreation plaza worksVICTodayClosing Soon
984392Sale of business / assets - yoga studioNSWTodayClosing Soon
984083Funding - Creative Communities SchemeNZTodayClosing Soon
983414Warehouse design & buildO/STodayClosing Soon
983245Civil contractors to undertake land development and infrastructure worksWATodayClosing Soon
982956Operation of 2UPNSWTodayClosing Soon
983042Property maintenance servicesQLDTodayClosing Soon
982898Grandstand refurbishmentWATodayClosing Soon
982781Sale of vacant landO/STodayClosing Soon
982407Sale of freehold coastal propertySATodayClosing Soon
982287Camp kitchensNSWTodayClosing Soon
982262Strategy & Growth Department service reviewVICTodayClosing Soon
981465Lease of room in council owned buildingNZTodayClosing Soon
981368Towing / transportation, storage and sale services for vehicles and other itemsQLDTodayClosing Soon
981407Safari people mover fleetVICTodayClosing Soon
981397Design and construction of pile foundationsNSWTodayClosing Soon
981088Design and cost estimates of aquatic centreQLDTodayClosing Soon
981135Modernisation of classroom incl new lightingNZTodayClosing Soon
981134School sports field consolidation and civil worksNZTodayClosing Soon
980819Legal services (various areas)VICTodayClosing Soon
980721Sale of farmSATodayClosing Soon
980596Community Support FundingSATodayClosing Soon
979507Greater Grants ProgramVICTodayClosing Soon
979326Telecommunications and technology entitiesQLDTodayClosing Soon
979233Population growth strategy small grants fundTASTodayClosing Soon
978861Sale of rock busterSATodayClosing Soon
977704Community Grants ProgramQLDTodayClosing Soon
976510Building & civil work at multi-purpose hall site (incl. lighting)O/STodayClosing Soon
974534Stallholders for festivalWATodayClosing Soon
983865Auditing servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
983102Kiosk / complimentary tenancyWATodayClosing Soon
978510Funding - Creative Communities SchemeNZTodayClosing Soon
978511Masterton Arts FundNZTodayClosing Soon
978226Community Grants FundNZTodayClosing Soon
978227Events Support FundNZTodayClosing Soon
978228Rural Travel Fund (Sport NZ)NZTodayClosing Soon
976911Community FundingWATodayClosing Soon
979405BRIGHT beamline shielding hutchesVICTodayClosing Soon
979430Innovation GrantsQLDTodayClosing Soon
977788Sale of aircraftALLTodayClosing Soon
984368Retail spaceO/STodayClosing Soon
984099Website for used vehiclesO/STodayClosing Soon
984110Sport NZ Rural Travel FundingNZTodayClosing Soon
983864Review of national tourism master plan and preparation of national and provincial tourism strategiesO/STodayClosing Soon
983601Water and drainage network maintenanceNZTodayClosing Soon
983286Office fitout (design & build)O/STodayClosing Soon
983290Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan reporting servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
983243Security fencingWATodayClosing Soon
983084Reticulation of ICT servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
983039Guardrail design, supply and installationTASTodayClosing Soon
983163Design of floating pontoonsNZTodayClosing Soon
982842Replacement of EDRM systems & processesNZTodayClosing Soon
982699Solar power systemsSATodayClosing Soon
982413Community GrantsWATodayClosing Soon
982128Linemarking servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
981837Feasibility of installing underground fibre optic cablesO/STodayClosing Soon
981955Lease of cafe / kitchen facilityQLDTodayClosing Soon
981697Independent audit committee membersNSWTodayClosing Soon
981457Supply and delivery of used front wheel assist tractorsVICTodayClosing Soon
981554Light utility vehicle and off-road two wheelerNZTodayClosing Soon
981132Shelving at archives facilityNZTodayClosing Soon
981161Design of monitoring programmeNZTodayClosing Soon
981071Design & production of annual reportO/STodayClosing Soon
980558Information technology consultantNSWTodayClosing Soon
980544Replacement of corroded pulley systemNZTodayClosing Soon
979932Engineering consulting services for wastewater pump stationNZTodayClosing Soon
978882Bacterial contamination screening systemALLTodayClosing Soon
978588Sale of countryside propertyNSWTodayClosing Soon
977843Hospital rebuild project - consultant servicesNZTodayClosing Soon
973195Healthy Canberra GrantsACTTodayClosing Soon
982929Provision & management of allied health therapist workforceALLTodayClosing Soon
984724Network cabinetO/STodayClosing Soon
984725Network cabinetO/STodayClosing Soon
983690Thermal imaging services of electrical & sub-boardO/STodayClosing Soon
982880Design & construction of car parkQLDTodayClosing Soon
981329Crush & stockpile of road making materialNSWTodayClosing Soon
983135Horticultural tractorWATodayClosing Soon
983134WWTP upgradeWATodayClosing Soon
982875Materials for construction of replacement boardwalkWATodayClosing Soon
980845Treatment plant seismic strengtheningNZTodayClosing Soon
980496Secondary school - stage 1WATodayClosing Soon
980264Search and rescue curriculum development expertACTTodayClosing Soon
979291Administration services for the national epidermolysis bullosa dressing schemeALLTodayClosing Soon
984286Notice - Industry briefing: Timber bridge elimination north coast line supply chain southQLDTodayClosing Soon
983083Contract management solutionNSWTodayClosing Soon
982541Tree removalVICTodayClosing Soon
981731Rehabilitated waterway corridor construction - design & documentationNSWTodayClosing Soon
981575Port master planWATodayClosing Soon
981590Prime mover and semi tipping trailerVICTodayClosing Soon
981592Tipping truckVICTodayClosing Soon
981148Demolition and removal of structures at water reclamation plantVICTodayClosing Soon
980971Maintenance of mechanical services (South)TASTodayClosing Soon
980662Land access and planning servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
980737Intersection constructionQLDTodayClosing Soon
980652Recruitment agency panelVICTodayClosing Soon
980112Use and/or management of indoor stadiumVICTodayClosing Soon
980100Waterfront road extension - realignmentNZTodayClosing Soon
979749Customer complaints management systemQLDTodayClosing Soon
979246Creek crossing constructionNSWTodayClosing Soon
978942Civil construction servicesSATodayClosing Soon
977322Footpath pavingNSWTodayClosing Soon
975320Supported temporary accommodationNSWTodayClosing Soon
973835Rural and regional on demand transportNSWTodayClosing Soon
981052Irrigation equipmentO/STodayClosing Soon
981047Greenhouse materialsO/STodayClosing Soon
980928Road rehabilitationVICTodayClosing Soon
980927Leasing of desktops and laptops equipment (hardware)VICTodayClosing Soon
984656Construction materials (various)O/STodayClosing Soon
984487Motorcycle spare partsO/STodayClosing Soon
984431Content migration automation tool & servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
984329Commercial subcontractors & suppliers - Feed millTASTodayClosing Soon
984352Canteen tenderQLDTodayClosing Soon
983560Freight servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
983548Electronic radon detectorO/STodayClosing Soon
983522Offices & accommodations in container trailersO/STodayClosing Soon
983547Radiation monitors with accessoriesO/STodayClosing Soon
983365Transcription services (ARB+FRA)O/STodayClosing Soon
983372Transcription services (FRA+ENG)O/STodayClosing Soon
983366Transcription services (ARB+ENG)O/STodayClosing Soon
983361LED lightsO/STodayClosing Soon
983371Transcription services (FRA)O/STodayClosing Soon
983368Transcription services (ARB)O/STodayClosing Soon
983370Transcription services (ENG)O/STodayClosing Soon
983013360 degree feedback exercise (managerial capabilities strengthening)O/STodayClosing Soon
983024Rehabilitation of hospital (various works)O/STodayClosing Soon
982970Heating equipment & accessoriesO/STodayClosing Soon
983022LMS system administration & supportO/STodayClosing Soon
983036Cleaning servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
982971Construction supervision system (software / civil engineering support)O/STodayClosing Soon
982962Inland transportation servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
982843Capacity building on education-in-emergenciesO/STodayClosing Soon
982800Wooden pallets, bubble wrapping film & packaging boxesO/STodayClosing Soon
982757Sale, demolition & removal of existing machinery shedWATodayClosing Soon
982604Assessments for various in vitro diagnostic medical devices & other associated activitiesO/STodayClosing Soon
982395Sale of business / assets - sandalwood plantation growers & oil producersALLTodayClosing Soon
982305Construction of waste sorting facilityO/STodayClosing Soon
982277Formulation of national early childhood care & development (ECCD) strategic planO/STodayClosing Soon
982298Gamma spectrometry systemO/STodayClosing Soon
982121Signature furniture design and manufactureNSWTodayClosing Soon
981959Construction of covered parking area for heavy vehiclesNTTodayClosing Soon
981997Community Grant ProgramQLDTodayClosing Soon
982037Emergency response plan for livestock export industryALLTodayClosing Soon
981656Microscope & refrigerator for agricultural laboratoryO/STodayClosing Soon
981670Biometric systemsO/STodayClosing Soon
981671Biometric systems (fingerprint scanner)O/STodayClosing Soon
981501Property maintenance (various works)NSWTodayClosing Soon
981461Cleaning servicesNTTodayClosing Soon
981499Atmospheric air samplerO/STodayClosing Soon
981416Annual Grant (nuclear disarmament)ALLTodayClosing Soon
981048Sale of residential propertyQLDTodayClosing Soon
981050Sale of residential propertyQLDTodayClosing Soon
981215Construction for Mina CornicheO/STodayClosing Soon
980828Sustainability checks for rural WASH services in dry & rainy seasonO/STodayClosing Soon
980903Community Grants ProgramVICTodayClosing Soon
980893Monitoring, control & surveillance (various expertise)O/STodayClosing Soon
979983Sale of homeQLDTodayClosing Soon
979232Projects - Injury Prevention & Management FoundationTASTodayClosing Soon
978474Community SponsorshipNSWTodayClosing Soon
973829Creative Communities FundNZTodayClosing Soon
971903Annual Operating FundNZTodayClosing Soon
968077Funding - Major Events, Festivals & Films SponsorshipNSWTodayClosing Soon
964671Creative Communities SchemeNZTodayClosing Soon
954182Stronger Communities FundNSWTodayClosing Soon
953907Community Assistance GrantsQLDTodayClosing Soon
949406Business Assistance GrantsVICTodayClosing Soon
932851Shopping centre development - various opportunitiesNTTodayClosing Soon
984394Media productionO/S24/02/2018Closing Soon
984127Development of regulatory framework for health laboratory servicesO/S24/02/2018Closing Soon
984126Support for strengthening epidemiology laboratory capacityO/S24/02/2018Closing Soon
983720Magnetic resonance imaging system (MRI)O/S24/02/2018Closing Soon
983711Fibre internet linkO/S24/02/2018Closing Soon
983761Web-enabled open source electronic software system for product registrationO/S24/02/2018Closing Soon
983543Support for strengthening health systems to implement infection prevention & control policiesO/S24/02/2018Closing Soon
981243Detailed engineering designs for road subprojects & production supportO/S24/02/2018Closing Soon
960077Grants - Lasting LegaciesQLD25/02/2018Closing Soon
981476E-learning for general practice nursesNSW25/02/2018Closing Soon
983701Audit committeeNSW25/02/2018Closing Soon
982554Management of courtside cafeNZ25/02/2018Closing Soon
982175Lease of cafe / restaurantVIC25/02/2018Closing Soon
981444Commercial lease of art centre cafeVIC25/02/2018Closing Soon
984484Metal, plastic & wooden furnitureO/S25/02/2018Closing Soon
984477Kitchen utensils package (various)O/S25/02/2018Closing Soon
984413Drivers' uniformO/S25/02/2018Closing Soon
983558Rehabilitation of mobile substationsO/S25/02/2018Closing Soon
983555Transportation of HIV viral load & MDR TB samplesO/S25/02/2018Closing Soon
983307Various rehabilitation works (Albu-Sayf PHC)O/S25/02/2018Closing Soon
983268Review and update of EHS guidelines for water & sanitationO/S25/02/2018Closing Soon
983272Preparation of geospatial electrification planO/S25/02/2018Closing Soon
982995Performers for festivalNSW25/02/2018Closing Soon
983003Power plant spare partsO/S25/02/2018Closing Soon
983019Evaluation of trust fundO/S25/02/2018Closing Soon
983026Logistic organisation & technical support for training of local actorsO/S25/02/2018Closing Soon
982369Scientific labs for primary & secondary schoolsO/S25/02/2018Closing Soon
982387School rehabilitationO/S25/02/2018Closing Soon
981242Transaction advisory (infrastructure projects)O/S25/02/2018Closing Soon
981240Project preparation (infrastructure)O/S25/02/2018Closing Soon
970654Healthy and Physical Activity GrantsQLD26/02/2018Closing Soon
984336Stage 4 of new schoolVIC26/02/2018Closing Soon
984335Alterations to primary schoolVIC26/02/2018Closing Soon
984056Qualifications accreditation scheme boardNZ26/02/2018Closing Soon
983321Warehouse project - various tradesNT26/02/2018Closing Soon
984553Digital enablement projectALL26/02/2018Closing Soon
983410Search engine optimisation consultancy servicesACT26/02/2018Closing Soon
975971Lease of buildingQLD26/02/2018Closing Soon
982031Sports lightingWA26/02/2018Closing Soon
980453Road and drainage upgradeNT26/02/2018Closing Soon
979411Centre of gravity height testing tableVIC26/02/2018Closing Soon
984062Photographer / videographerQLD26/02/2018Closing Soon
983924Sale of boat & trailerWA26/02/2018Closing Soon
982074Road reconstructionVIC26/02/2018Closing Soon
981868Development of programs for Ageing Well projectVIC26/02/2018Closing Soon
981865Development of timebanking system and RideShare programVIC26/02/2018Closing Soon
980801Sale of impounded vehicleQLD26/02/2018Closing Soon
980195Transportable houseWA26/02/2018Closing Soon
979744Road washout restoration worksNZ26/02/2018Closing Soon
979184Pedestrian and cycle bridgeQLD26/02/2018Closing Soon
966410Student accommodationNZ26/02/2018Closing Soon
983418Project management services for national submarine fibre cable network projectO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
980798Eco-tourism developmentQLD26/02/2018Closing Soon
981188Building maintenance workQLD26/02/2018Closing Soon
985293Issue of treasury bondsALL26/02/2018Closing Soon
981668Management of swimming poolQLD26/02/2018Closing Soon
980763Infrastructure upgrades to day use areaQLD26/02/2018Closing Soon
979365Sale of lifestyle, fishing, camping & farming propertyWA26/02/2018Closing Soon
981076Actuarial servicesACT26/02/2018Closing Soon
982319Weather observation equipment demand visualisation, resource management and reporting projectNSW26/02/2018Closing Soon
985284Repurchase of outstanding treasury bond linesALL26/02/2018Closing Soon
984193PhishMe reporter & triage solutionQLD26/02/2018Closing Soon
983092Project management - road maintenance works (Morobe)O/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
983093Project management - road maintenance works (Madang)O/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
983086Project management - road maintenance works (New Ireland)O/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
983089Project management - road maintenance works (ENB)O/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
983090Project management - road maintenance works (Sepik)O/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
983087Project management - road maintenance works (WNB)O/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
982792IT solution for internet, intranet & unified communicationsO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
980390Shared zone civil worksNSW26/02/2018Closing Soon
984391Sale of uteNZ26/02/2018Closing Soon
984390Sale of station wagonNZ26/02/2018Closing Soon
984388Sale of saloon vehiclesNZ26/02/2018Closing Soon
984387Sale of hatch backsNZ26/02/2018Closing Soon
984373Canteen operatorsNSW26/02/2018Closing Soon
984718Benefits realisation consultantACT26/02/2018Closing Soon
984095Sale of mowerNZ26/02/2018Closing Soon
982174Nightlife and creative sector advisory panelNSW26/02/2018Closing Soon
981609Course design and delivery on project implementation to optimise gender outcomesALL26/02/2018Closing Soon
982195Sale of business - camping & outdoor lifestyle retailerNSW26/02/2018Closing Soon
981785Course on renewable energy technologies & policyALL26/02/2018Closing Soon
984998Office and warehouse accommodationQLD26/02/2018Closing Soon
983974Hydrometric telemetry network reviewNZ26/02/2018Closing Soon
983994Weed control (Northern Shires)QLD26/02/2018Closing Soon
983992Weed control (Southern Shires)QLD26/02/2018Closing Soon
983838Theatre light installation replacementsQLD26/02/2018Closing Soon
983481Sale of villaVIC26/02/2018Closing Soon
983465Sale of executive homeVIC26/02/2018Closing Soon
983137Security servicesSA26/02/2018Closing Soon
982659Natural areas and greenways weed controlWA26/02/2018Closing Soon
982139New administration and information services facilityVIC26/02/2018Closing Soon
981321Community Grants ProgramVIC26/02/2018Closing Soon
980951Facilities maintenance, building and construction servicesWA26/02/2018Closing Soon
979548Lead design services - infrastructureVIC26/02/2018Closing Soon
978602Aboriginal Regional Arts FundNSW26/02/2018Closing Soon
982411Sale of surplus plantQLD26/02/2018Closing Soon
985224Security serviceO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
983907Sale of business & assets - indoor entertainment complexVIC26/02/2018Closing Soon
983067Footpath, kerb & channel improvementsNZ26/02/2018Closing Soon
982908Vacuum truckO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
982077Canteen manager - saleyardsQLD26/02/2018Closing Soon
982009Runway end safety area worksNZ26/02/2018Closing Soon
981763Demand assessment for new irrigation schemesNZ26/02/2018Closing Soon
981605Safety shoesO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
981604Safety uniformsO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
981599Fire water tank / fire pumps & associated worksO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
981600External fire hydrant system & associated worksO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
981602Overall (safety)O/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
981121Telecommunication servicesVIC26/02/2018Closing Soon
981164Design of constructed wetlandNZ26/02/2018Closing Soon
980914Drink driving education program framework & curriculum developmentQLD26/02/2018Closing Soon
980853Built assets & infrastructure maintenance specificationsACT26/02/2018Closing Soon
985181Lease of railway buildingQLD26/02/2018Closing Soon
983478Sale of beach shackVIC26/02/2018Closing Soon
982152Utility vehicleNSW26/02/2018Closing Soon
981175Integrated library management systemNSW26/02/2018Closing Soon
980683UPS replacement projectVIC26/02/2018Closing Soon
981564Gallery exhibition master planALL26/02/2018Closing Soon
983207Labour hire servicesTAS26/02/2018Closing Soon
982475Program management services - infrastructure delivery worksNSW26/02/2018Closing Soon
982156Road widening & safety works (incl. signage & tree removal)VIC26/02/2018Closing Soon
982157Road widening & pavement rehabilitation works (incl. signage & tree removal)VIC26/02/2018Closing Soon
982160Road widening (incl. signage)VIC26/02/2018Closing Soon
982158Pavement rehabilitation works (incl. signage)VIC26/02/2018Closing Soon
982134Roads widening and rehabilitation worksVIC26/02/2018Closing Soon
981874Aviation security screening servicesQLD26/02/2018Closing Soon
981372Test & tag, RCD testing, thermal scanning and switchboard clean & inspect servicesQLD26/02/2018Closing Soon
980281Public art projectQLD26/02/2018Closing Soon
980067Strategic asset plan for treatment plant & pump stationNSW26/02/2018Closing Soon
979417Clinical protective apparelNSW26/02/2018Closing Soon
978684Point 2 point speed camera systemsQLD26/02/2018Closing Soon
978324Funding pitch night (Aboriginal health outcomes)NSW26/02/2018Closing Soon
976930Haematology solutionALL26/02/2018Closing Soon
982825Laptop and/or PC devicesVIC26/02/2018Closing Soon
981371Early contractor involvement - Highway duplicationQLD26/02/2018Closing Soon
985012Courier / logistics services for storage & distribution of stationery kitsO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
984814Vehicle maintenance & repair servicesO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
984801Associate operations officerO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
984823Bluetooth headphonesO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
984857Construction of water yardO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
984821Research laboratory materials & equipment (various)O/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
984826Comprehensive insurance services to armoured vehiclesO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
984589Hotel services incl. food & drinksO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
984584Phone survey on impact of conflict on private enterprisesO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
984403Floodway constructionNT26/02/2018Closing Soon
984442Elevator maintenance, repair, spare parts & additional servicesO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
984512Working station with operational softwareO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
984527Fuel couponsO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
984524Communication & IT equipment for emergency response centresO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
984324College building worksQLD26/02/2018Closing Soon
984147Awareness strategy / mass market campaign on green homesO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
983758Natural resource management policy & institutional capacity assessmentO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
983730Construction of guest housesO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
983788International credit rating agencyO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
983551Office development (various works)O/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
983504Legal tax and regulatory analysisO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
983359Mobile network aggregator for RapidProO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
983332Quik attack slip on fire units and weed unitsNT26/02/2018Closing Soon
983309Various rehabilitation works (Al-Mawali PHC)O/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
983423Vertical mobility & safety improvement projectO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
983347Refurbishment of police stationsO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
983362Preparation of solid waste management plansO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
983364Energy auditO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
983380Data collection & analysis of women in scientific & technological fieldO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
983225Operation of canteenNSW26/02/2018Closing Soon
982961Analytical advisory on low-carbon energy pathO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
982989Data centre & application platform hosting servicesO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
982867Financial data warehouseO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
982914Connector & relevance framework / software licenseO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
982613Highlights & interview production servicesO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
982612Toilet paperO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
982258Camp support services (cleaning & janitorial services incl. pest control)O/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
982270Support & maintenance of registration information system (MIRIS)O/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
982272Agricultural inputs (seeds)O/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
982243Repairs and maintenance of telegraph station conservation worksNT26/02/2018Closing Soon
981842Catering servicesO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
981885Security incident & event management (SIEM) system consultancy servicesO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
981297Web accessible integrated sale systemO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
981251Refurbishment of academic centre & research laboratoryO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
981080Sewer rising main upgradesNT26/02/2018Closing Soon
981234Project management & construction supervision (water supply development)O/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
981117Web development servicesO/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
980730Free studio spaces for artistsVIC26/02/2018Closing Soon
980477Construction of dwellingsNT26/02/2018Closing Soon
980185Gardening subcontractorNSW26/02/2018Closing Soon
979134Conductor (bare)O/S26/02/2018Closing Soon
978323Environment Levy Landholder GrantsQLD26/02/2018Closing Soon
971093Community Funding ProgramTAS26/02/2018Closing Soon
984912Optical character recognitionACT27/02/2018
981665Civil works for residential estateNSW27/02/2018
982099Road upgradeQLD27/02/2018
981557Flight deck trainer lighting upgradeNSW27/02/2018
981209Fuel infrastructure worksNSW27/02/2018
982114Vessel charter for tsunami warning systemQLD27/02/2018
983846External paint worksWA27/02/2018
982938Logistics - delivery & collection of examinations / materialsNSW27/02/2018
982539Vacuum excavatorNSW27/02/2018
982408Civil works for construction of drainage worksNSW27/02/2018
982080Detailed design - tennis centre redevelopmentQLD27/02/2018
982051Playground renewals civil and landscaping worksVIC27/02/2018
982053Sports & leisure centre - MSB modifications and PFC equipmentVIC27/02/2018
981897Sewer pump stationNSW27/02/2018
979664Construction of recreational lake & surroundsQLD27/02/2018
976919International air travelALL27/02/2018
983653Remove and erect new fencingQLD27/02/2018
982516Compact track loader, attachments & trailerQLD27/02/2018
980956Merchandise panel of providers - recreation servicesVIC27/02/2018
982429Irrigation central control systemNSW27/02/2018
982509Student wellbeing support program (pre-qualification panel)NSW27/02/2018
982239Saving our species conservation co-funding schemeNSW27/02/2018
982078Sale of plant and equipmentQLD27/02/2018
982109Club remediation and car park worksNSW27/02/2018
982079PABX upgradeQLD27/02/2018
980736Bottled waterNSW27/02/2018
980532Mining rehabilitation worksNSW27/02/2018
985286Issue of treasury indexed bondsALL27/02/2018
984569Sale of abandoned motor vehiclesNSW27/02/2018
982424WTP clear water tank bafflesNSW27/02/2018
982356Construction of amenities buildingsNSW27/02/2018
982350Construction of parking bays (various works)NSW27/02/2018
981546Construction of acoustic fenceNSW27/02/2018
981295Weed control & inspectionsALL27/02/2018
980052Design & construction of prefabricated modular childcare building (various works)NSW27/02/2018
984027Bore decommissioningNSW27/02/2018
983148Sandstone replacement & heritage restorationNSW27/02/2018
982240Depots - BCA works & earthworksNSW27/02/2018
985018Council assessment panel (building, planning & development)SA27/02/2018
982209Sale of private estateQLD27/02/2018
981760Electrical contractor for mains upgrade (incl. trenching & UPS upgrade)NZ27/02/2018
981757Heating contractor to install VRF heating systemNZ27/02/2018
981399Boiler house rationalisationNZ27/02/2018
981138Survey on pastoral lease for tenure reviewNZ27/02/2018
980980Design and construction of new waste transfer stationQLD27/02/2018
980997Pump station upgradeQLD27/02/2018
980507Specialist family violence perpetrator interventionsNZ27/02/2018
980506Safety programmesNZ27/02/2018
981930Research & evaluation services (panel)ALL27/02/2018
984791Additions & alteration to premisesNZ27/02/2018
984186Revaluation services for land & buildingsQLD27/02/2018
982975Tourism public relations specialistNSW27/02/2018
982089Maintenance of sludge lagoonNSW27/02/2018
981467Installation of irrigation system (incl telemetry control & pump unit)NSW27/02/2018
981563Sale of development siteQLD27/02/2018
980910Deck replacement & seismic strengtheningNZ27/02/2018
982440Cleaning, manhole and CCTV inspections of gravity sewer mainsNSW27/02/2018
981543Landfill grade compaction management systemNSW27/02/2018
983335Patient entertainment and interactive solutionsQLD27/02/2018
983176Dry parks maintenance servicesWA27/02/2018
982817Sale of commercially zoned CBD development landholdingNSW27/02/2018
982706Drug laboratory assessment & remediation serviceSA27/02/2018
982400Canteen licenceNSW27/02/2018
982101Photography, video production, graphic design, print and media purchasing servicesVIC27/02/2018
982100Solar study - investigation of solar park sitesVIC27/02/2018
982107Internal audit servicesVIC27/02/2018
981953Design and construction of pedestrian bridgeVIC27/02/2018
981819Asbestos management surveysNSW27/02/2018
980921Extension & refurbishment of reserve pavilionVIC27/02/2018
980554Biodiversity management services (panel)NZ27/02/2018
983654Upgrade of fire panelWA27/02/2018
983136Hospital block - roof replacementWA27/02/2018
982630Construction of dwellingWA27/02/2018
982446Repair or replace corroded beams on walkwayWA27/02/2018
981593Treatment plant aeration blowerNZ27/02/2018
981446Renal services & associated worksWA27/02/2018
981336Creek crossing approaches & road rehabilitation construction worksNSW27/02/2018
981298Field reconstructionNSW27/02/2018
978486Unified communications interoperability serviceTAS27/02/2018
982030Instruments & laboratory equipment for air warfare destroyersALL27/02/2018
982016Electrical components, communication & detection equipment for class destroyersALL27/02/2018
982032Auxiliary systems equipment for air warfare destroyersALL27/02/2018
982027Firefighting, rescue & safety equipment for air warfare destroyersALL27/02/2018
982025Ship & marine equipment for air warfare destroyersALL27/02/2018
982024Clothing, individual equipment & insignia itemsALL27/02/2018
982022Domestic goods & appliances for air warfare destroyersALL27/02/2018
982019Tools & hardware equipment for air warfare destroyersALL27/02/2018
982021Chemicals, & industrial gases for air warfare destroyersALL27/02/2018
982033Textiles, leather, furs, apparel, shoes, tents & flagsALL27/02/2018
977252International and domestic removals and storage servicesALL27/02/2018
983724Sale of used vehiclesQLD27/02/2018
983689Occupational violence prevention training programNSW27/02/2018
983530Woodchipper (incl. trade-in)SA27/02/2018
983166Turf maintenance and water strategy consultancyWA27/02/2018
983235Legal servicesWA27/02/2018
983248Traffic island worksVIC27/02/2018
983165Air conditioning and control system upgradeWA27/02/2018
982770Redevelopment of car parkVIC27/02/2018
982538Road intersection signalisation upgradeACT27/02/2018
982399Footpaths, Landscaping & Improvements at Hepburn Mineral Springs ReserveVIC27/02/2018
982418Road upgradeNSW27/02/2018
982467Design services for art centre redevelopmentVIC27/02/2018
982453Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve Carpark & BBQ Area UpgradesVIC27/02/2018
982341Paving rectificationNSW27/02/2018
982123Replacement of storage area networkNSW27/02/2018
982136Drainage rehabilitation works & redevelop carparkVIC27/02/2018
982131Photography and digital media servicesVIC27/02/2018
982043Reservoir roof replacementQLD27/02/2018
982082Hardware, hand tools & other workplace consumablesQLD27/02/2018
982085Domestic animal pound servicesVIC27/02/2018
982084Urban rehabilitationVIC27/02/2018
982083Ready mix concreteQLD27/02/2018
982081Cleaning, kitchen & washroom productsQLD27/02/2018
982065Smart City approved contractor listQLD27/02/2018
982064Bioretention system restoration projectQLD27/02/2018
982056Pool filter replacementsTAS27/02/2018
981900Crushing services for construction and demolition materialWA27/02/2018
981801Sale of home with harbour viewsNSW27/02/2018
981470Cleaning servicesQLD27/02/2018
981311Library extension / construction of arts & community facilitiesNSW27/02/2018
981293Bridge upgrades and maintenanceSA27/02/2018
981065Sale of childcare investment propertyVIC27/02/2018
981054Sale of home & gardenQLD27/02/2018
981038Construction of buildingO/S27/02/2018
981034Construction of engineering workshopO/S27/02/2018
980937Bulk sodium hypochloriteQLD27/02/2018
980925Cultural centre - stage 1 redevelopment and arts spaceVIC27/02/2018
980841Noise control servicesNZ27/02/2018
980804Modular/prefabricated buildingsVIC27/02/2018
980754Demolition / construction of public toilet blockNSW27/02/2018
980465Customer relationship management solutionSA27/02/2018
980165Pool - construction of underwater intake pipelineNSW27/02/2018
979143Instrument Calibration Services 2018VIC27/02/2018
975945Treasury billNZ27/02/2018
975158Smart lighting serviceQLD27/02/2018
982347Footpath constructionNSW27/02/2018
981273Chemical dosing unitsNSW27/02/2018
981274Road sealing aggregatesNSW27/02/2018
985188Security & electrical equipmentO/S27/02/2018
985013Grasscutter machines, parts & accessoriesO/S27/02/2018
985053Lead shieldsO/S27/02/2018
984812Various materialsO/S27/02/2018
984804Technical implementing partner for interoperable projectO/S27/02/2018
984529Drafting of disability inclusive health & rehabilitation action planO/S27/02/2018
984430Solar system (installation)O/S27/02/2018
983980Time release study (border clearance processes)O/S27/02/2018
983978Trade facilitation studyO/S27/02/2018
983750Insight studies for substandard & falsified medical productsO/S27/02/2018
983787Market research on standalone solar productive usesO/S27/02/2018
983752Construction of public gardenO/S27/02/2018
983866IT equipmentO/S27/02/2018
983668Strengthening capacity in support of food securityO/S27/02/2018
983535PV systemsO/S27/02/2018
983666Reality TV series on farming & agribusinessO/S27/02/2018
983264Support to transition to Eurocode 8O/S27/02/2018
983305Various rehabilitation works (Al-Rabia PHC)O/S27/02/2018
982801Parts & accessories for vehicles / equipmentO/S27/02/2018
982619Events organizationO/S27/02/2018
982565Portable LED light towers with generatorsO/S27/02/2018
982617Application data integration (architecture & design)O/S27/02/2018
982264Programme support consultants (various)O/S27/02/2018
981611Office equipment & classroom facilitiesO/S27/02/2018
981495Training course on fighting money laundering & countering terrorism financingO/S27/02/2018
981482Research on telecommunication / ICTS emerging trendsO/S27/02/2018
981232Study on power supply reliability & protection developmentO/S27/02/2018
981233Project preparatory due diligence (power)O/S27/02/2018
979468Relining of sewer gravity mainNSW27/02/2018
978263Equipment for health facilitiesO/S27/02/2018
978262Equipment for laboratory & health facilitiesO/S27/02/2018
977414Audit servicesO/S27/02/2018
965000Civil works for port access elevated highwayO/S27/02/2018
979215Trades and suppliers - HomesQLDNot Stated
979226Architectural design services for redevelopment of pavilion and carpark etcVICNot Stated
979017Community Development GrantsVICNot Stated
979073Sale of propertyWANot Stated
979075Sale of homeVICNot Stated
979071Sale of beachside homeWANot Stated
979068Lease of propertyQLDNot Stated
979065Sale of propertyQLDNot Stated
979069Lease of propertyQLDNot Stated
978993Sale / lease of steel structure on freehold commercial lotO/SNot Stated
978881Sale of family entertainment centreVICNot Stated
978912Sale of homeQLDNot Stated
978957Lease of kitchenNSWNot Stated
978817Sale of landholdingWANot Stated
978789Sale of historic farm houseTASNot Stated
978758Sale of harvesting & cartage contract (incl. equipment)TASNot Stated
978818Sale of 'over 50's' residential community homesQLDNot Stated
978830Residential subdivision opportunityNZNot Stated
978820Early tender advice - sale of forest residuesWANot Stated
978647Sale of exercise equipment & refrigerated vending machineVICNot Stated
978578Sale of homeQLDNot Stated
978577Sale of residenceQLDNot Stated
978583Sale of lifestyle acreageNSWNot Stated
978512Sale of truck with permanent workNSWNot Stated
978496Sale of play equipment incl. cafe & kitchen contentsNZNot Stated
978572Sale of family homeQLDNot Stated
978542Sale of homeQLDNot Stated
978503Security servicesO/SNot Stated
978573Sale of half duplexQLDNot Stated
978593Kokoda Track Authority strategic reviewALLNot Stated
978586Sale of dairy farmQLDNot Stated
978584Sale of property with river frontageQLDNot Stated
978589Sale of farmNSWNot Stated
978592Sale of propertyO/SNot Stated
978481Sale of land blocksACTNot Stated
978372Electrical / mechanical engineering, form reo pour concrete & building worksNSWNot Stated
978245Refurbishment of classrooms, office & bathroomWANot Stated
978259Notice: Rehabilitation and upgrade of roadsO/SNot Stated
978234Routine maintenance (banding) of water pipelinesWANot Stated
978171Sale of propertyO/SNot Stated
978146Sale of cafeO/SNot Stated
978174Sale of propertyO/SNot Stated
978170Sale of homeO/SNot Stated
978165Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
978156Scaffolders & riggersVICNot Stated
978172Sale of propertyO/SNot Stated
978173Sale of propertyO/SNot Stated
978138Lease of commercial/office spaceO/SNot Stated
978065Sale of propertyQLDNot Stated
978101Sale of apartmentQLDNot Stated
978056Sale of houseNSWNot Stated
978070Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
978062Banner designWANot Stated
978091Sale of holiday homeQLDNot Stated
978046Notice: Enterprise resource planning systemO/SNot Stated
977945Notice: Design and construction of playgroundsNZNot Stated
977934Construction of evacuation centre and churchO/SNot Stated
978033Stall Holders (non-food), performers & buskersSANot Stated
977967Sale of land / house packageO/SNot Stated
978117Sale of propertyWANot Stated